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How to Change UV Flatbed Printer Color Fade
2016-07-06 14:31:20

Sometimes the output color fade suddenly when UV flatbed printer is printing. There are mainly three reasons cause the problem.  Here to provide some methods to  solve this problem encountered in reality according to many years of practical experience.

1. The amount of ink in the print settings is too low
Typically image control software of UV flatbed printer, will be 40%, 60%, 80%and other different amount of ink output control. If operators  are lack of experience, may print with 80% of the amount of ink which should be print with 100%, resulting in the output color fade. The solution is to increase the amount of ink.

2. Printing PASS is too low
The pattern and color accuracy printed by different PASS  are different. It usually use  high-pass printing in some small material objects, so you can make a clear pattern with rich colors. If it is a large format printing, you can use a low PASS to print. This requires  technical personnel to set the PASS for different materials according to the actual experience.


3. The impact of material
Transparency, gloss, smoothness and other characteristics of the substrate will affect the final effect of UV printing, resulting in the output color imbalance, looks like color fade. In addition to the naked eye visual error, some materials has a absorption function to ink, and some have a  solution. For example, on a conventional acrylic printing machine, it just requires only 80% of the amount of ink, a little more will cause the image darker.

These UV flatbed printing technology require technicians continue to accumulate experience in the actual printing, to solve these issues better.

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