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Hit a New High!
2015-06-03 17:06:05

In the month of May, thanks to the unremitting efforts of all personnel in YOTTA, the sale of UV flatbed inkjet printer has reached its new high! Here YOTTA would love to express thanks to all colleagues, especially to the salesmen, "Thank you so much for your hardworking and dedications for this whole month!"

YOTTA had carried out an activity of "Once purchased, gifts comes!" , which attracted clients and friends in various industries, especially the ones in leather industry, to come to visit us. Thanks for the great supports from all the clients! Because of you, YOTTA has fully achieved its sales target made by the beginning of May and made brilliant performance. And we surely will keep working hard to bring outstanding flatbed inkjet printers and the most comprehensive services to you!

Hot June has come, we sincerely hope all colleagues in YOTTA will make persistent efforts, never give up and win new records and glories!

To know more activities and information about YOTTA UV printers, please follow our website and public account number of social software:


Web: https://www.yd1688.com/en/ | https://www.yo-da.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/YottaUVprinters

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCt9jhnrlimJtTRM_EOjntPA/videos



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