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Don't ignore these things when installing your UV printing heads
2017-05-26 17:43:51
The installation and removal of printing heads are essential knowledge for UV printer users. Although this, many users still have problems in print head issues, such as bad print effect, easy nozzle clogging and so on. If so, maybe you ignore some important things in the process of installing UV print heads. Here, take our machine as an example, YOTTA tells you a series of operations to note.
UV printing head installation - YOTTA Printers
Our technical staff is in the installation of Ricoh Gen4 print
1. To prevent nozzle clogging, you are strongly advised to install print head in a clean environment.
2. To avoid electrostatic damage to the nozzle clip, please install print heads in an environment with static protection.
3. To avoid damaging the nozzle face, do not impact or directly touch with the nozzle face by hand.
4. Protect the printhead cable from scratching or cutting off by external forces.
5. To ensure print accuracy, control the flatness of the nozzle mounting surface within 10 microns.
6. When installing UV print head, the positioning bolt must be fully embedded in the installation hole to prevent printhead tilt installation. 
7. In order to avoid excessive external force applied to the nozzle, please control torque at about 0.63n nanometer when fixing the print head.
8. To avoid damage to the ink supply port, do not apply force when installing or removing the ink supply hose.
9. Don’t live insertion or pull out of print head cable, and pay attention that print cable don’t not diagonal insert, in order to avoid nozzle damage caused by bad contact.
Note that the above precautions are based on YOTTA’s machines, for UV printers of other brand, they are only for reference.
Printing heads are extremely important for digital UV printing. Therefore, do not forget to take good care of them. In addition to saving a lot of replacement costs, you can also have more time and energy on the business.

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