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Advantages of Large Format Inkjet Printers
2015-05-11 15:51:47

The year of 1993 was the first year that large format inkjet printer appeared. This year, a large format inkjet printer with 300 dpi was manufactured. But it hadn't gained public attentions and wide applications until the Drupa Printing Exhibition in 2004. In a few years, large format inkjet printers had significantly changed the structure of industries like Printing and Advertising and more, they had occupied their own markets and successfully applied printing into more industries such as large posters, art reproductions, car advertising, wallpapers and so much more. Continuous working of a large format inkjet printer enables the production of thousands square meters' huge pictures.

Piezoelectric Drop On Demand is an advanced technique, and the ink droplets are generated only in image areas.

The main advantages of large format inkjet printers are as bellowed:

Super large format: Generally, the prints are restricted to the maximum printing area of printers or papers, therefore, the production of large posters, business POP and large portray of celebrities cannot be completed with regular printers. Large format inkjet technology has totally changed this situation; it can not only achieve some special printing but also larger printing areas.

Products personalization: Be able to deliver advertising posters with bright colors, such as highway advertising board with large scale, posters in commercial districts and personal photos or portraits with high precision and appreciation value. Large format inkjet printers perform well in water-resistant and sunlight resistant.

Various substrates: Large format inkjet printers can print onto a wide array of substrates, from rigid material like acrylic, metal, wood, stone etc. to flexible material like textile, compound fabric, silks and more. With the high quality inks and durable property, those prints can be well-kept for longtime. 

Eco friendly: As an intensifying consciousness of the importance of ecological environment in the worldwide, the eco-friendly inkjet printing technology has also attained its favorable impressions among consumers and clients. In the meantime, the improvement of inkjet technology and innovations of crafts make large format inkjet printers meet specific demands of high printing speed and vigorous colors, and consumers realize their advantages such as energy conserving and non-harmful dusts and odors emissions.

Wide applications: The applications of them are increasingly expanding. In CAD and GIS area, high precision and high printing speed are required, and these can be solved by large format inkjet printers. Advertising industries apply them frequently, such as vehicle body advertisements, subway advertisement, LED displays and so much more. The robust and multifunctional large format inkjet printers promote developments of various industries and they gain common benefits from each other.

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