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YD-1510 UV Flatbed Printer

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Product Abstract:

Adopting Epson DX5 Head, delivering UV printing on its 1500mm×1000mm bed, print height of 90mm.

Product Description

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                            Technical Data of YD-1510 Flatbed Printer


  Model   YD-1510
  Print Size   1500mm×1000mm
  Head Model   Epson DX5
  Print Height   90mm
  PrintHead Quality   2
  Print Color   C, M, Y, K+W/CMYK×2
  Print Resolution   2 Pass, 4 Pass, 8 Pass, 16 Pass, 32 Pass
  Print Speed   CMYK+W   CMYK×2
  2 Pass, 28m²/h    2 Pass, 56m²/h
  4 Pass, 16m²/h    4 Pass, 32m²/h
  8 Pass, 9.5m²/h    8 Pass, 19m²/h
  16 Pass, 4.5m²/h    16 Pass, 9m²/h
  Ink Type Special high quality UV ink
RIP Software Photoprint
Color Control International standard ICC
UV Curing System 9020 Compressor type water-cooling UV LED lamp
Interface Mode High speed USB
Power Requirement 220V(AC)/3500W;  50/60HZ
Working Environment Temperature of 20℃ to 28℃; Relative humidity 40%~60%
Printer Size 2500mm × 1500mm × 1200mm
Printer Weight 680KG


The YD-1510 flatbed printer is a limited model, if you are interested in this machine, contact us.


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